Tone & Torch

Our Tone & Torch program is the only fitness program designed to help women tone-up and slim down in as little as 30 minutes a few times a week.


The Body Confidence program is a realistic nutrition solution designed for busy, multi-tasking women who want to become the most lean, toned, and body confident version of themselves.

Our nutrition program is balanced macronutrient based guidelines.


Our Slide Right program is a habit-based, lifestyle program complete with a custom phone application to help women keep moving towards their goal even in challenging situations.


Delta Life Fitness (DLF) was created for women just like you - women who feel out of place in crowded, judgmental large commercial gyms, crossfit gyms, and other places where already being fit seems like a requirement to join.

We're moms, partners, sisters, friends, all who are hard working, brilliant multi-taskers who've spent years putting other people first and are ready for a non-judgmental, women-friendly environment that feels like home.

Next Steps...

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