Our thoughts on the scale

Wouldn’t it be great to ditch the food scales and the nightly routine of adding up all your calories?

It might not be such a bad idea…

Turns out the calories listed on the back of packages are not only inaccurate but could be off by as much as 25%!

But we’re just getting started.

Turns out we also underestimate the amount of calories eat while dieting by as much as 25%!

So for all your calorie counting efforts you might be off by as much as 50%, which for a lot of ladies wipes out any chance of getting the scale to budge.

So… should you give up?

No. Way.

Calorie counting is a great tool for helping you become more aware of how much food you eat, but it’s not the goal.

Once you’ve counted calories for 4-8 weeks it’s time to ditch the math and start paying attention to your relationship with food.

When do you tend to eat too much? What’s going on when you do?

Do you only eat when you’re hungry? Or other times as well?

Need some help?

That is what we are here for, come check us out for your FREE class and assessment.

See you in Class!

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